AGURA-SE Group (Brazil)

This group of artists met for the first time at a house for rent in São Paulo, in order to present their work. The result of this meeting, beyond the exhibition itself, was a cycle of lectures and workshops that lasted for three months. From that point on, the idea of creating situations for art, instead of waiting for them to happen began to grow and branch out, guiding the group’s ideas in their work today.Therefore, the group is made up of an independent platform, and self managed, whose objective is the construction of alternative structures for the proposition of actions.
Born in São Paulo, Giba currently works in the development and printing of linoleum and wooden matrices on fabric, for clothing uses. The investigation of pseudoscience, the depiction of people at risk, the banalization of violence and pornography are all part of his artistic practice.

Giba Gomes

Originally from Campo Grande, currently living in São Paulo.
The artist starts working from political, religious and marketing questions that cross the texture of a plastic discourse, gathering elements from tradition and from the daily routine context. The handling of images happens with the appropriation of catholic icons, historical characters or monuments. Prado uses several techniques in his pieces, and his questioning poetics establishes a criticism over the contemporary society.

Evandro Prado

Duda Oliveira

Contemporary artist based in São Paulo. His artworks aim to raise questions about how human relations have been transformed by the contemporary world, by means of various techniques, for example drawings, embroidery, objects, videos and installations.
Lives and works in São Paulo. Founder and coordinator of the Aluga-se Group that has arranged more than 30 art actions and collective exhibitions in the last few years. Yara discourses about her own childhood and the writing of its consequences. Drawing composes the biggest part of her productions. She draws portraits in a daily basis as part of atelier practice and also develops artistic installations, objects and photographs.

Yara Dewachter

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Yara Dewachter

"I wanna be" - Drawing, 21 x 29.7cm