The mexican "lotería" is a traditional game composed by 54 cards representing animals, objects and characters like "The Mermaid", "The Drunk", "The Dandy", "The Moon", The Heart"... 
The game is a familiar bingo, and it's well known all over México by people of all ages. The cards have been present for more than a century and their images have become icons. The set of cards is available in stationery and candy shops.
Every country has its own game. For México it is the "lotería".
In this exhibition, 37 artists recreate every card of the "lotería", to make a new version that showcases contemporary illustration. Each card maintains its original subject but showing a little twist
Curated by:  Roger Omar
Artists: Benjamin Courtault (France), Carole Hénaff (France), Donforty (Greece), Lukas Verstraete (Belgium), Amanda Baeza (Portugal), Pedro Lourenço (Portugal), Katrin Stangl (Germany),
Christoph Kleinstück (Germany), Till Thomas (Germany),
Mexer (Germany), Flavio Morais (Brasil), Gustavo Berocan (Brasil),
Roni Fahima (Israel), Noa Snir (Israel), Jesse Tise (United States),
Tim Peacock (United States), Junelee (China), Joan Negrescolor (Spain), Mik Baro (Spain), Andi Rivas (Spain), Lawerta (Spain), Jano (Spain), Salmorejo Studio (Spain), Soledad Calés (Spain), Chema Peral (Spain), Ink Bad Company (Spain), Javier Sáez Castán (Spain),
Carlos Ortin (Spain), Txemacantropus (Spain), Marta Pina (Spain),
Cristina Daura (Spain), Derrengueta (Spain), Pepa Prieto Puy (Spain), Manuel Gómez Burns (Perú), Martín López Lam (Perú),
Alejandro Rodríguez León (México), Nava (México).

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