Exhibition Featuring Two Illustrators

MIXTURE Gallery is taking part in this year's
Illustration Week in Tel-Aviv!

For the occasion, works of two Israeli Illustrators will be exhibited.


Milana Hoah will exhibit 'The 21st Empire'- A series of Illustrated playing cards featuring fictional assassins, each has their own unique quality.

Eynav Tal will exhibit works that revolve around her favorite icon - The Israeli Soldier. 

She reveals what lies behind the classic figure and it's heroic beauty- feelings of fear, pain and constant desire.


Exhibition of Unique Illustration Prints 

Ink Bad Company is the design studio and alter ego of JC Guerrero,
illustrator based in Valencia (Spain).


Devoted to the study of the mass culture through the dotted halftone; his work maintains an inseparable link with paper and includes child-like elements making them look intentionally unfinished.


Guerrero have managed to work with many respectable clients across the world, in fields such as the advertising, packaging, editorial or lettering.



Children's Print Drawing Exhibition

In the summer of 2017, and for the first time, VAGUE launched a print capsule collection entitled Moody Doodles. The collection was made in collaboration with nine-year-old rising artist Inbar Birenboim.
Doodles were selected from Inbar's impressive sketchbook and turned into prints, 
transporting them into VAGUE’s collection and making their way straight to our hearts. The limited edition six-piece collection (composed of hoodies, t-shirts, and pants) was so impactful and successful that it only made sense to turn the doodles-to-prints collection a yearly tradition.


In search for new young talent, VAGUE has turned this collaboration into a print drawing contest. 


The exhibition held at MIXTURE Gallery has displayed chosen artworks submitted by young artists for the competition, and had the winner announced during the event.

In addition, patches and drawings of the artworks produced by Sticktak were available for sale during the exhibition, from which all proceeds were donated to Make-A-Wish Israel.


Group Exhibition
The project began with the longboard: an urban vehicle, an older brother to the skateboard. Larger, more relaxed and easier to handle. In other words, suitable for mature people who have not yet matured.
Eager to challenge the shape and soul of this amazing instrument, We wanted to create a board that would be an expression of each individual rider. We tried to turn it into an instrument of expression in the urban space.
In order to do that, we decided on cooperation between myself, the carpenter who designs and produces each board differently in a way that gives depth to each board and different artists who would express their individual vision.
An important principle in the project is that all the work is done by hand. There is no use of computers or machines. Each board is produced manually, uniquely sketched and designed. The same goes for the artists. In order for the board to have a soul and be unique, personalised, dynamic and as connected to its owner as possible, each one is drawn and crafted individually by hand.
Board's designer and manufacturer:  Barak Rom – Beitmelaka
Artists: Shai Ziv and Dan Lior, Kamil Frankowicz, Hanna Jung, Felix Hülpman, Roy Iddan, Sarah Lee, Gal Gi, Beccï Ibn La-Ahad, Kuki Ariel, Hila Keinan, Lior Bentov, Uri Fink, Marian Boo, Eliaz Slonim, Roni Li Michaeli, Eyal Eliezer, Allen Maker


Curated by Roger Omar

The mexican "lotería" is a traditional game composed by 54 cards representing animals, objects and characters like "The Mermaid", "The Drunk", "The Dandy", "The Moon", The Heart"... 

The game is a familiar bingo, and it's well known all over México by people of all ages. The cards have been present for more than a century and their images have become icons. The set of cards is available in stationery and candy shops.

Every country has its own game. For México it is the "lotería".

In this exhibition, 37 artists recreate every card of the "lotería", to make a new version that showcases contemporary illustration. Each card maintains its original subject but showing a little twist

Artists: Benjamin Courtault (France), Carole Hénaff (France), Donforty (Greece), Lukas Verstraete (Belgium), Amanda Baeza (Portugal), Pedro Lourenço (Portugal), Katrin Stangl (Germany), Christoph Kleinstück (Germany), Till Thomas (Germany), Mexer (Germany), Flavio Morais (Brasil), Gustavo Berocan (Brasil), Roni Fahima (Israel), Noa Snir (Israel), Jesse Tise (United States), Tim Peacock (United States), Junelee (China), 
Joan Negrescolor (Spain), Mik Baro (Spain), Andi Rivas (Spain), Lawerta (Spain), Jano (Spain), Salmorejo Studio (Spain), Soledad Calés (Spain), Chema Peral (Spain), Ink Bad Company (Spain), Javier Sáez Castán (Spain), Carlos Ortin (Spain), Txemacantropus (Spain), Marta Pina (Spain), Cristina Daura (Spain), Derrengueta (Spain), Pepa Prieto Puy (Spain), Manuel Gómez Burns (Perú), Martín López Lam (Perú), Alejandro Rodríguez León (México), Nava (México).

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