Space Boards Project

The project began with the longboard: an urban vehicle, an older brother to the skateboard. Larger, more relaxed and easier to handle. In other words, suitable for mature people who have not yet matured.
Eager to challenge the shape and soul of this amazing instrument, We wanted to create a board that would be an expression of each individual rider. We tried to turn it into an instrument of expression in the urban space.
In order to do that, we decided on cooperation between myself, the carpenter who designs and produces each board differently in a way that gives depth to each board and different artists who would express their individual vision.
An important principle in the project is that all the work is done by hand. There is no use of computers or machines. Each board is produced manually, uniquely sketched and designed. The same goes for the artists. In order for the board to have a soul and be unique, personalised, dynamic and as connected to its owner as possible, each one is drawn and crafted individually by hand.
Board's designer and manufacturer:  Barak Rom – Beitmelaka
Artists: Shai Ziv and Dan Lior, Kamil Frankowicz, Hanna Jung, Felix Hülpman, Roy Iddan, Sarah Lee, Gal Gi, Beccï Ibn La-Ahad, Kuki Ariel, Hila Keinan, Lior Bentov, Uri Fink, Marian Boo, Eliaz Slonim, Roni Li Michaeli, Eyal Eliezer, Allen Maker

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